March 2015

Information about a Shock Logger

March 16, 2015

loggerHave you ever driven by a storage unit that says that it is environmentally controlled? The last time you were at a museum, did you notice a small electronic box close to the glass enclosed artifact?  Did you ever wonder what that little box was doing?

Sometimes there are situations in which such information like temperature, humidity, the intensity of light, pressure, and shock needs to be known.
That little electronic box is called
an impact data logger or a shock logger.
Here is more information on what
shock loggers are and used for.

Why use a shock logger:  When you are dealing with certain materials, it is possible that these materials need to be kept in a certain environmental condition in order to preserve the material while it is being stored or transported.  What if there is a problem that occurs during transport and damage occurred because there was a change in the environment during distribution or transportation? How would you be able to know if something happened?  If you use an impact data logger, also known as a shock logger, then you can be able to monitor the situation and adjust the temperature accordingly or keep a sharp eye and make sure everything is safe.

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